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Dear Sir or Madam,

Spring is finally here! You can now soak up energy in the first rays of sun. More serotonin – the so-called “happiness” hormone – is produced in our brains thanks to the increased amount of sunlight. This hormone not only ensures that we are in a good mood but also that that we are full of new momentum.

Why do we mention this here? It’s simple: Now is the right time to plan with great energy your migration to S/4HANA in combination with the PBS add-on solutions!

We would like to provide you with some information on this today and we are looking forward even more to discussing this topic with you at the upcoming PBS Information Day on June 9, 2017! 

Sunny springtime wishes from Bensheim

Your PBS Software GmbH

S/4HANA: Every journey begins with a first step

What does your roadmap for migration to S/4HANA look like?

Of course, you cannot predict in detail today how the future active operation of your ERP on S/4HANA will look like.
But there is good news from our development department:

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Save the Date

PBS Information Day on June 9, 2017

We will also be covering the topic of migration to S/4HANA in detail at this year’s Information Day on June 9, 2017 in Bensheim.


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Hot news from product development:

New Extraction Objects in PBS CONEX for Personnel Data

The retirement of SAP ERP systems that are no longer actively used is an important topic among other things in the context of a switch to S/4HANA. For legal reasons (e.g. tax audits), the data of the system to be retired must continue to be available for queries and evaluation purposes. In order to better fulfill this requirement, we have enhanced the functional scope of CONEX and developed new extraction objects for personnel data.

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