PBS Partners in Asia


The main business objective of the Korean company DBDSynergy is to provide its customers the best synergic effects through the best possible consulting and solutions. DBDSynergy specializes in data and document archiving both in the SAP and Oracle environments. DBDSynergy is a PBS sales partner for Korea and Japan.

EP-Asia Group

EP-Asia Group with subsidiaries in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia und Thailand focuses amongst other things on the marketing of SAP add-on products in the area of data archiving. EP-Asia is a PBS sales partner for the Asia Pacific region.

PBS Partners in America

Brandywine Data Management Group LLC

Brandywine Data Management Group is a leading consulting company for SAP archiving projects and ILM strategies, and provides strategic as well as operative IT support. Brandywine is a PBS sales partner for North America.

Dolphin Corporation

Dolphin makes crucial business operations like data management and data archiving, accounts payable, accounts receivable and order management run better and smarter for organizations using SAP solutions. Focused on improving business performance through Information Lifecycle Management and Business Process Management, Dolphin produces the right solution for each customer, faster, through its unmatched experience in SAP technologies, and its proven best practices, tools and SAP add-on applications. Dolphin solutions improve business and IT performance, lower total cost of ownership and deliver high return on investment.
The company was founded in 1995 and has offices in Philadelphia, PA and San Jose, CA. Dolphin Corporation is a PBS sales partner for North America, Latin America and South America.

Since 1998, Sigma has been one of North America’s leading SAP® consulting firms focusing on Information Lifecycle Management and SAP® Data Archiving. Sigma became the first premier partner of PBS Software GmbH in 1998 and was a pioneer in  SAP Data Archiving. Sigma provides end-to-end professional services for the PBS Software Suite, including first level support. With offices throughout North America, Sigma has the expertise and industry knowledge to deliver smart and sustainable results. Sigma Business Solutions Inc. is a PBS sales partner for North America.