PBS Information Day Presentations 2017 for downloading

Presentation No. 1 Keynote, Information Lifecycle Management and Operational Analytics
PBS add-on Solutions for SAP
Prof. Dr. Detlev Steinbinder, Management PBS Software GmbH
Presentation No. 2 Live Demo (no Download): Business Intelligence based on operational SAP Data
Joachim Pajonk, Managing Director, RSM Consult GmbH
Presentation No. 3 The PBS archive add ons and the Migration to /4HANA
Walter Steffen, PBS Software GmbH
Presentation No. 4 Effective Archive Data Access and compliant Storage with PBS Solutions
Oliver Schweim, bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Christof Cölsch, nexQuent-Savento GmbH
Presentation No. 5 PBS ContentLink – Compliant SAP Data and Document Archiving
Gernot Reichling, PBS Software GmbH
Presentation No. 6 Decommissioning of SAP Applications with PBS Enterprise Content Store
Live Demo

Oliver Hölzel, PBS Software GmbH
Presentation No. 7 SAP (BW): News about Nearline Storage in BW
Roland Kramer Product Management SAP EDW (BW/HANA/IQ), SAP SE
Presentation No. 8 Nearline Storage PBS CBW - Fast and Flexible
Dr. Christoph Bedau, PBS Software GmbH