Faster Analyses for Increased Road Safety

"Both our users and customers benefit from the short implementation time, the good cooperation between our employees with the SCHULCSIK CONSULTING GMBH and PBS teams, as well as the fast support during the product implementation" Ing. Mag. Bernd Datler, Managing Director of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH

The ASFINAG group is responsible for the planning, construction, operation, and toll collection of the entire Austrian highway and expressway network, currently covering approximately 2,175 kilometers. ASFINAG is a customer-financed highway operator and provides its customers a well-developed and safe road network with high availability and good customer service. More than 2,000 sensors along the Austrian highway and expressway network provide for increased road safety. They collect all traffic-relevant data such as the speed of and distance between vehicles, weather, road conditions, noise and polluting emissions, as well as special incidents such as motorists driving against the traffic on the highway or road works. The harmonization of the traffic is achieved by evaluating the sensor data that is fed into ASFINAG’s central traffic control computer. All data that is collected is evaluated in real time by high-speed computers at the headquarters in Wien-Inzersdorf. ASFINAG’s traffic control employees have an overview at their desks of all routes that are equipped with traffic sensor technology. If the sensors register changes, the system sends corresponding signals. This enables the operator to react immediately and get the affected stretch of road filmed by one of the 500 digital video cameras in order to take necessary action if necessary. It has been proven that in this way, accidents are successfully minimized. ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, a subsidiary of ASFINAG Holding, has been using SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence for performing data analyses since 2003. With a data volume of meanwhile one terabyte, and a monthly growth of 20 gigabytes, the response times of the SAP system in the area of mass data sank considerably. ASFINAG searched for a solution to this problem and decided on the nearline storage solution of PBS Software GmbH. This SAP-certified solution that was designed especially for the SAP Business Warehouse, docks onto the nearline storage interface in the SAP BW system and transfers the data into the column-based – and therefore extremely fast – Sybase IQ database. At ASFINAG, this resulted in a reduction in the length of response times by an average of 50 percent. Individual queries in the mass data area that had previously taken 8.5 minutes could now even be reduced to 30 seconds. The snapshot function of the PBS CBW NLS IQ solution provides among other things fast access to data. For this, a copy of the master data and hierarchies is generated in the Sybase IQ database. Transaction and master data together with their attributes or also hierarchies that were replicated for a master data can in this way be selectively delimited in the IQ database. This preselection significantly reduces the number of results for the transaction data. The response times for reporting in the SAP BW system are correspondingly faster. ASFINAG is extremely satisfied with this success. It was achieved within a project that took only two to three days and in which simply a database consultant and a PBS employee were involved in addition to two ASFINAG employees. The project ran smoothly as well as the cooperation with PBS after the project implementation. Only two issues were reported afterwards but were able to be resolved immediately by PBS.


By using the PBS Nearline Storage solution, the analysis speed was increased significantly. Reporting can be performed on an ad hoc basis and analysis criteria do not have to be defined in advance. Information that previously could only be put together using time-consuming and expensive procedures is now available in the shortest possible time


Country: Austria
Industry: Road traffic
Staff: 2.719 of which 545 in ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH

founded in 1982, is a company that belongs to the Austrian Federal Government. In 1997, ASFINAG group held usufruct rights related to land and facilities belonging to the primary federal road network and has the right to collect tolls. ASFINAG is financed by its users and does not receive any money from the federal budget.

Initial Situation:
The response times of the SAP BW system that is used for the analysis of road safety were too long. Queries had to be defined in advance

Implementation of column-based NLS solution CBW NLS IQ.
In individual cases, extremely reduced response times, on an average by 50%. Users can perform ad hoc analyses.

"By implementing PBS CBW NLS IQ we have found a solution that corresponds to the financial and technical requirements of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH. The preparation of structured queries for the BW team and long response times that our employees had to put up with now no longer applies. This considerably facilitates our daily work." Mag. Farid El Masri, Departmental Manager, Data Warehouse


Franz Schulcsik has decades of sales experience in IT, including in column-based database technology with the Sybase IQ analytics server. SCHULCSIK CONSULTING GMBH is PBS sales partner for Austria.