Successful SAP BW Optimization

An increase of 62 percent per year: The data volume in evu zählwerk’s SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0 was increasing rapidly due to the flood of information from SAP for Utilities. implemented a solution that was based on additional software alongside standard SAP archiving. The results speak for themselves: a considerably reduced amount of data in the BW system, shorter response and load times, as well as the possibility to still access archived data.

With its own billing platform, evu zählwerk Abrechnungs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH – a settlement and service company - offers its customers from the energy industry a high-performance tool that fulfills legal requirements and supports existing business processes. Furthermore, the portfolio of the settlement specialist includes services that range from the reading of meters, through invoicing, to professional receivables management and reporting.

In the company’s reporting division, evu zählwerk uses SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0 provided by However, the amount of data that was being processed from SAP for Utilities was increasing so steeply at a rate of 62 percent per year, that the consequences had a great impact: high costs for memory usage, response times of evaluations that were no longer efficient, longer load times for data transfer from source system to SAP BW, long save and backup times.


Data archiving based on Information Lifecycle Management subsequently recommended using Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in conjunction with data archiving. An ILM strategy has the objective of providing information according to its value and use on the least expensive storage medium possible, making it accessible, and storing it on a long term basis. SAP supports the ILM process starting with the use of BW 7.0 with the Nearline Storage Interface and in this way provides the basis for the archiving of InfoCubes and DSO objects. evu zählwerk’s requirement to be able to access archived data for current analyses could not, however, be fulfilled using standard functionality. “For this reason we implemented an additional solution developed by the third-party PBS Software”, explains Gabriele von Häfen, Business Intelligence application consultant at The data archiving implementation was split up into several project phases:
Actual analysis of the data distribution in the productive system using the PBS BW Analyzer
Feasibility study on a project system
Archiving concept according to ILM strategy.


Memory space was freed up and at the same time response times were shortened. The PBS Nearline Storage solution (PBS CBW NLS) that was implemented enables integrated query access on the BW database and archive data, whereby the data for this is transferred to an external disk system via standard SAP archiving. In addition to the data compression there are also user-friendly response times as a result of the generation of archive indices and aggregates. It is possible to access archive data directly via query and an additional virtual InfoProvider is no longer necessary. Knowhow of the consulting subsidiary GmbH in the areas of energy supply and municipal management.


Today, GmbH, founded in 1961, supports more than 120 companies throughout Germany from the areas of energy, transportation, and municipal management. The independent IT service provider competently fulfills all their customers’ requirements with standard software of leading manufacturers as well as systems for specialized areas. This comprehensive portfolio is rounded off by the independent consulting knowhow from the data center operation of the consulting subsidiary GmbH in the areas of energy supply and municipal management.

"For evu zählwerk, this special form of data storage means a considerable reduction in the volume of the SAP database by 2.7 terabytes, or 66 percent respectively”, Markus Borgiel, head of reporting activities at evu zählwerk, sums up positively. “This does not just save costs, but means that we also benefit additionally from faster access to archive and current data".