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Turning Your Archiving Project into a Genuine Success Story

PBS Software Americas stands as your trusted partner, offering seasoned consultancy and services across every facet of SAP Data Volume Management. Our dedicated team is driven by customer success. Drawing from a wealth of experience in numerous SAP projects, we ensure a cost-efficient, punctual, and expert implementation.

Explore the Comprehensive Consulting Services Offered in the PBS Americas Portfolio:

  • Experience Proficient Implementation of All PBS Solutions, Integrated Data Access, System Decommissioning or Storage of Archive Data

  • Execution and monitoring of monthly archive jobs with Data Archiving as a Service

  • Preparation of a Data Volume Management Roadmap detailing analysis of current data along with best practice recommendations for data archiving, data avoidance and data deletion. 

  • Health Check SAP system

  • Free Data Volume Management QuickCheck providing an initial analysis of your SAP system

  • Migration of SAP Office documents out of the database and into external storage

  • Migration of SAP documents and archive files from one repository to another

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  • PBS Software GmbH
  • Schwanheimer Strasse 144 A
  • 64625 Bensheim
  • Germany
  • infopbs-softwarecom
  • Phone: +49 6251 174-0
  • PBS Software Americas, Inc.

Support/PBS Hotline

You can contact us Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

Phone: +49 6251 174-110

We ask our customers in the USA to contact us directly at: