Many customers are currently dealing with a migration to SAP S/4HANA. As recently announced, the PBS DEV team is working hard to adapt the PBS archive add ons for SAP S/4. Several PBS modules have already been released for the use under S/4HANA.

Thus, it’s pretty important for PBS users that the delivered software complies fully with SAP regulations and standards. As a first module, the PBS archive add on CFI has now been officially certified for SAP integration with SAP S/4HANA. Please check the certificate to view details about the certified features. We will provide a copy of the test report on request.

Your partner for ILM in the SAP environment

PBS Software GmbH is a leading provider for SAP add-on solutions for the Information Lifecycle Management in the areas data archiving, extraction and storage as well as system decommissioning and has been known to be an expert on complex, integrated data accesses for more than 25 years.

SAP users are given seamless and fast access to the complete dataset in addition to "hot" data, also to rarely used or archived data. In order to accomplish very large datasets PBS provides nearline storage solutions for SAP BW and ERP with column-oriented database technology from Actian, IBM and SAP.

Accelerate your SAP ERP System


See for yourself how flexibly you can react with the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure to challenges that entail Big Data scenarios in ERP systems. Streamline your data management significantly and accelerate your analyses in almost real-time speed! Enjoy all the conveniences of in-memory technology when managing and analyzing large data volumes, using the most modern column-oriented database technology from Actian, IBM or SAP. And this is also possible without a complex system conversion.