American Energy Supplier uses SAP BW on HANA with PBS Nearline Storage

Renowned Customers at ‘Aday’ in Las Vegas

The energy supply company Southern California Edison (SCE) has already been using SAP NetWeaver BW for a number of years. In 2011, the company switched to the SAP BW Accelerator to counter the increasing volumes of data and slow response times. A short while later they then implemented HANA. On the occasion of this year’s Archiving Day that PBS hosted together with its partner Dolphin in the run-up to the SAP TechED, Ajay Pathak reported on the consistently positive experiences that SCE has already made with the combination of HANA and PBS nearline storage. The advantages of PBS nearline storage are savings of 25% amounting to 170 GB, as well as further reaching yearly savings of 22% with regard to growth of the HANA database. In general, significant costs are saved for SAN, SAP licenses, and hardware. The Total Cost of Ownership should therefore already be amortized after two and a half years. SCE values the seamless, end user-friendly queries and the good performance of the PBS nearline storage solution.

PBS also received further praise during this event from other renowned customers such as Kraft Foods, a PBS key account that is using numerous PBS solutions – in addition to a number of PBS archive add ons, also PBS ContentLink for data storage, and many more. According to Mary Anderson, who did the presentation for Kraft Foods, the company is also planning to switch to HANA in BW in the coming year.

Also attending was Darrell Kennedy from the Coca Cola Bottling Investment Group. The globally active international corporation has to archive on a continuous basis and also uses a large number of PBS archive add ons for each of the SAP modules being used, as well as the Archiving Session Cockpit developed by the French PBS partner TJC, in order to subsequently have seamless access to the complete data stock.

Bradley Wittekind from Honeywell reported on a successfully completed system decommissioning project that was also done with the help of the Dolphin consulting company and PBS software. Archiving in SAP NetWeaver BW and preparation for SAP HANA using PBS nearline storage are now being planned there for the coming year.

Dolphin and PBS took the opportunity in a joint presentation to introduce to their customers among other things the new PBS nearline solution CPOS that can be used to integrate also external data in the SAP environment.