Applied Retention Management in the SAP Document Management by Using PBSContentLink

SAP customers using the PBS ContentLink have a clear advantage for their document management because they benefit from a transparent insight into the status of their documents and can see whether they are still being processed, whether they are locally stored or whether they have already been stored with an event-based retention period for a longer period of time. In this way PBS ContentLink provides central data management in the SAP document management system.

This can be activated with just one setting in SAP Customizing for document management. A retention period can then be transferred to the stored DMS document objects when the status is changed. If the retention period is set to zero, for example, the document is still checked by quality assurance. After the object has been released, the status is changed to "checked", and a retention period of for example ten years is then automatically activated.

The combination of SAP document management system and PBS ContentLink therefore enables you to implement an ILM-compliant storage strategy including retention management.

For many SAP customers, PBS ContentLink can provide a lean, efficient and cost-effective alternative to the classical DMS system. This pure communication solution does not need a database. Due to its web-based architecture PBS ContentLink is highly scalable. There is little installation work, and a high- availability configuration can be created with simple means.



SAP Basis

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