Archive Solution PBS ContentLink recertified

PBS ContentLink, a lean interface for storing SAP data in compliant storage systems, has recently been recertified by SAP. In addition to the WebDAV interface, PBS ContentLink also supports the well-established ArchiveLink protocol and in this way a large number of classical and modern storage scenarios.

WebDAV is an enhancement of the HTTP protocol and provides functions that enable cooperative handling of documents and their management. The documents are accessed via the web servers. The WebDAV protocol is the precondition for using the SAP ILM components Retention Management and Retention Warehouse that manage the retention periods.

The latest certificate also certifies the 'Solution Manager Ready Functionality' which is used to register PBS ContentLink in the customer's Solution Manager.

On the basis of the SAP standard for data and document management, PBS ContentLink enables direct and cost-efficient usage of modern fixed content storage systems. Monitoring and administration of the solution as well as of the connected storage system is done directly in the SAP system. An own user interface is not required which reduces the administration and maintenance effort that is usually necessary for ECM implementations. Thus PBS ContentLink clearly saves costs in archive data management for SAP systems.

In addition to compliant data storage, PBS ContentLink also enables a detailed retrieval of data, documents and print lists.

Meanwhile, PBS ContentLink can also be connected to the collaboration platform MS SharePoint. This enables all unstructured data such as documents and print lists that have been generated within the SAP system to be stored directly in the SharePoint server where they can then be processed further.

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