Budget Planning Made Easy

SQL CONVERSION CHECK simplifies the tracing of critical customer programs

In times of tight budgets and limited project times the planning of upcoming archiving projects is not always easy. Especially when a variety of customer-specific programs and the related adaptation efforts have to be considered for the evaluation of the archive data access in addition to the SAP standard reporting.

The actual implementation of the PBS Archive API can often be performed via our well-proven PBS Conversion Tool and is generally not time-critical. However, the data accesses, which do not allow an automated adjustment process, are crucial for the adaptation efforts. A precise cost estimate by the implementation partner is necessary.

Via the utility transaction /PBS/UTIL_SEARCH_SQL, customer-specific programs can be qualified according to many different organizational characteristics and can be searched specifically for individual table accesses or tables of an archiving object. The result list shows all relevant SQL accesses which correspond to the selection requirements after the completion of the analysis run.

The conversion efforts can then be estimated using the PBS Conversion Check. The latter checks whether an adaptation of the archive access can be performed via an automated code enhancement of the PBS Conversion Tool. Using the common traffic light concept, the SQL statements, which need to be checked manually (yellow or red light) and quantified for a budget planning in consideration of the adaptation costs, are marked.

The functionality is part of the PBS standard and is available free of charge for all common releases.