Current 'How to': Archiving with PBS NAI-AS

Learn with the current How to: Archiving with PBS NAI-AS,  how to reduce the operating costs of your SAP systems and at the same time improve the handling of data archives that are continuously increasing in size.

The PBS Archive Information System NAI-AS is a component of the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure and constitutes an enhancement of the SAP Archiving Information System that includes the column-based database Sybase IQ in the SAP Archiving Information System. PBS NAI-AS is therefore particularly suitable as a solution for SAP users that have made the conscious decision to use the standard SAP archiving solution.

We will show you how you can enhance your SAP Archiving Information System with PBS NAI. This will enable you to achieve the following:

  • Reduced runtimes during data archiving due to significantly faster indexing of the data archives.

  • Faster access to archived line items.

  • Considerably cheaper data storage due to the reduced load on the SAP databases.

The handling of PBS NAI-AS differs only minimally compared to the underlying SAP solution. Learn more.


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
Nearline Analytic Infrastructure Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent


S/4HANA 1610
Nearline Analytic Infrastructure In Entwicklung Independent

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
  In development