Current PBS Interface available for Z3 Audit Simulation

To be able to be on a par with the financial authorities when it comes to electronic auditing, it is recommended to first simulate an electronic audit within the company in advance using the same audit software that the financial authorities are using. This is possible without the need for additional training effort using Audicon’s AIS TaxAudit. AIS TaxAudit is based on IDEA and SmartX and uses their electronic data verification functions in exactly the same way. An intuitive Workflow guides the user from the data import, through the field assignment, to the selection of check fields and the execution of the check macros. A report is then provided immediately that enables the user to directly perform an in-depth analysis of the data in IDEA. For each check step, information is provided concerning the objectives of the checks as well as the legal principles involved. This is enabled by the numerous check macros contained in AIS TaxAudit. These macros cover to a great extent the regularly recurring check fields and content. AIS TaxAudit enables even less-experienced users to easily familiarize themselves with digital data checks.

This procedure for simulating audits has also been supported by PBS with the provision of a manufacturer-specific interface that allows an automated mapping between the audit cases and the SAP dataset. An audit simulation is now also possible for material movements with the latest release R1 2013. By pushing a button, more than 180 audit cases can be linked with the data from SAP and evaluated easily. PBS supplies the current version to all customers with a valid maintenance agreement. For an update of the TaxAudit software refer to the Audicon website.