Customer Reference: Faster Analyses for increased Road Safety

Faster Reporting in SAP BW by column-based Nearline Storage from PBS


PBS Software is receiving a positive reference as a way of thanks from ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, a subsidiary of the ASFINAG group. Use of the PBS column-based nearline storage solution enables considerably faster response times in their SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse system, and in this way the work burden on the affected employees is relieved noticeably and road safety is increased. Those involved were also very enthusiastic about the fast and smooth implementation.

ASFINAG is a highway operator and is currently responsible for a comprehensive, high-ranking 2,175-kilometer road network in Austria. The roads are equipped along great stretches with traffic sensors. Over 2,000 sensors along the highway and expressway network collect all traffic-relevant data. Among this data, there are speed of and distance between vehicles, weather, road conditions, noise and pollution emissions, as well as special incidents such as motorists driving against the traffic on the highway or road works.

The real time evaluation of the sensor data enables action to be taken quickly in the event of, for example, traffic congestion or accidents and in this way contributes to a harmonization of the traffic and therefore to increased traffic safety. ASFINAG has been using SAP NetWeaver BI for performing data analyses since 2003. As the volumes of data increased, the response times became longer, putting greater strain on the affected employees as a result. SCHULCSIK CONSULTING GMBH, PBS sales partner for Austria, helped to find a solution to this problem.

Thanks to the use of CBW NLS IQ, the response times were reduced by an average of 50 percent. The software implementation was realized without any problems within about two days. Individual queries in the mass data area that had previously taken 8.5 minutes could now even be reduced to 30 seconds

"Both our users and customers benefit from the short implementation time, the good cooperation between our employees with the SCHULCSIK CONSULTING and PBS teams, as well as the fast support during the product implementation," according to Ing. Mag. Bernd Datler, Managing Director of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH.

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