Easy Change of Platform using PBS ContentLink

From Linux to IBM AIX

In 2007, Savento e.K. implemented PBS ContentLink (PCL), a middleware for storing data and documents in compliant storage systems, at a large German pharmaceutical company. Due to the requirements of the computer center at that time, the PCL server was installed and validated under SuSE Linux SLES 9.3. As a consequence of moving in 2010, the computer center changed its operating system to IBM AIX. After the positive experiences made within this project, the BW and CRM systems were also linked to the new PBS ContentLink systems in addition to the SAP ERP systems.
The consulting company Savento was in charge of this project and performed the complete migration from planning through realization. When doing this, it was very helpful that PBS ContentLink supports a wide range of operating system platforms. In particular, the easy basic installation as LPAR template was met with enthusiasm. It was used as the basis for all PCL systems and reduced substantially the installation period. Furthermore, Savento realized a high-availability solution without great effort using a hot standby server.
The migration was completed in due time without any incidents. In this critical environment, the PCL server once again provides proof of its flexibility that is mainly due to its lean architecture. According to the new validation of the PCL systems under IBM AIX the systems are stable as usual and their performance is excellent.

Savento e.K. was founded in 2006 and ever since then they have worked in close cooperation with PBS Software GmbH. This was recently celebrated in the form of an official partnership between them. Savento is a highly specified consulting company with a focus on archiving projects. They have already implemented successfully a large number of solutions in big enterprises that were based on the PBS products. For more information see www.savento.com

SAP Basis

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