Easy Sorting of Archive Indices

New Development in PBS archive add on CPCA

Some new innovations with regard to the PBS archive add ons and Utilities were presented during our Information Day. If you have missed this lecture, you will find here in series some news about the latest developments. Today, it is about the PBS archive add on CPCA for SAP line item archiving.

In the file system, the sorting of indices needed memory space that was often not sufficiently available. When there were very large new indices, the index generation was divided automatically into different runs. The consequence was an extremely long runtime in some cases. The program /PBS/CPCA_REQ now prevents these disadvantages by saving the indices first in a DB table with a synchronous update task. In the next step, the indices are retrieved in a sorted way and as usual, written to a new ADK file together with the ADK index stock. The DB table is deleted again after the index generation process.

The program now runs more stable when there are large indices because the ABAP extract cannot "overflow" and thus, the job cannot terminate. Furthermore, the index generation is now "tolerant" to such terminations. If the temporary index generation is expected to terminate in the database, the indices that have been generated up to that point are now kept. Then the index generation is restarted. Only the ADK index write process must not be terminated.


  • Sorted index retrieval
  • Shorter runtime
  • More stable index generation

For more details see the corresponding administration manual.


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
CPCA Verfügbar mit NAI EC_PCA_ITM
Verfügbar mit NAI PCA_OBJECT
Verfügbar mit NAI EC_PCA_ITM


S/4HANA 1610
CPCA In Entwicklung PCA_OBJECT
In Entwicklung EC_PCA_ITM

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
  In development