Fast Analysis Thanks to Flexible Data Replication

Example for the definition of a DRS application for the replication of billing data and dependent tables in a IBM DB2 BLU. During the replication, the date fields are converted in a DB2 compliant format. The logic for the conversion has been implemented in class /PBS/DRS_CL_DB2_REG_CONVERSION.

Data analyses in operational SAP systems can be accelerated significantly by using the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI). For this, the NAI Data Replication Service DRS will replicate data, whether from the database or from the archive, into a column-based nearline database. Several analytic databases can be connected to the SAP system as nearline databases and filled by using the PBS tools: IBM DB2 with BLU acceleration, SAP IQ, Actian Vector and even SAP HANA. After the replication, the data is available for evaluation for example via the PBS NAI Query Tool or external third party programs.

Thanks to a new function of the NAI DRS, data can even be modified during the replication process. This is for example required when single fields, such as date fields, need to be available for evaluation in a specific format. Even the calculation of field contents is already possible during the replication by using the data modifier.

From a technical perspective, the data modifier is a programming interface in form of a class, comparable to a User Exit or Business Add-In. The user creates the class with an arbitrary name. A PBS interface needs to be integrated in the class as it contains the methods which are called by the DRS during the replication. The user implements the logic for the data modification directly into the customer-specific class. PBS provides an example class as template for the method implementing.

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PBS NAI from SAP ECC 6.0


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