Fast Retrieval for archived Purchase Orders

A newly developed tool now enables an efficient search for archived purchase orders, purchase requisitions, invoice verification documents and purchasing info records in the PBS archive add on CMM, the add-on module for SAP Materials Management (MM). The search is performed across all long-term archives that may be available, but can also be restricted to the main and/or individual long-term archives.

All indices that are available for the respective archiving object, such as vendor, material, cost group etc., can be used as search criteria. The respective archiving object and the corresponding index can be selected for the query. Furthermore, it is also possible to select by additional fields that are included in the index. The available long-term archives can be accessed using an F4 value help.

The search result is a list with one line per document. This line specifies:

  • in which long-term archive the document is located (0 stands for main archive),
  • the value of the corresponding index field,
  • the document number,
  • the address (archive key and offset) in the SAP archive.

By double-clicking on a line, all tables that belong to the document are displayed, whereby long texts are also taken into consideration. By drilling down further it is also possible to display the technical view of the field contents.

Furthermore, it is possible to use transactions to branch to the individual display of the corresponding archiving object. Depending on the archiving object, these transactions are:

/PBS/ME23N for purchasing documents

/PBS/ME53N for purchase requisitions

/PBS/MIR4 for invoice documents

/PBS/ME13 for purchasing info records.