Faster Analyses in the PBS ECS using the new Microsoft SQL Server

PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS) enables the user-friendly analysis of structured and unstructured data such as DART or CONEX extracts, print lists etc., outside the SAP system. Use of the client/server-based solution is recommended, for example, in the case of system shutdowns. Microsoft’s SQL server – that also supports column-based storage since version 2012 – is used for data storage when doing this. This results in a huge advantage from a performance perspective. Requests are generally processed many times faster. In addition, the highly compressed data resulting from the column-based storage requires considerably less memory space.

With the upcoming version 2014 of Microsoft SQL Server, whole databases can furthermore be stored completely in the main memory. This again accelerates analyses many times over. Both column-based storage and in-memory technology have been integrated in Enterprise Content Store. ECS users now benefit from the advantages of both concepts.


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Verfügbar Independent

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