ILM Interface PBS ContentLink: Compliant Archiving and Future-Proof ILM without DMS System

ILM Strategy

Information Lifecycle Management means categorizing enterprise data according to its perceived value, and managing and protecting it throughout its complete lifecycle, taking into consideration all necessary investments. In addition, storage periods and statutory retention periods for the data also have to be managed. This so-called Retention Management is realized using metadata.

Unique Support of Both Protocols

When performing storage via SAP ArchiveLink, the data from PBS ContentLink is extended by exactly this metadata. The WebDAV protocol that is used and extended by SAP even includes automatically this support of metadata. PBS ContentLink now provides the unique parallel support of both protocols within the same solution. This provides you with all options during the implementation of a future-proof, seamless Information Lifecycle Management strategy. You can realize a WebDAV aware storage connection using the storage systems of the NetApp FAS series. Certification by SAP for the WebDAV storage interface for PBS ContentLink with the NetApp FAS series will be performed as soon as this PBS software is available.

Advantages of PBS ContentLink

For many SAP customers, the use of PBS ContentLink provides a lean, efficient, and inexpensive alternative to a classic DMS system. This pure communication solution does not require a database and is highly scalable due to its web-based architecture.

The effort required for installation is minimal. For a detailed presentation of all PBS ContentLink advantages and possible uses please contact one of the regional PBS partners.

SAP Basis

SAP-Basis 4.5 SAP-Basis 4.6B SAP-Basis 4.6C SAP-Basis 6.20-7.40
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Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent

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