Impressions from the EP-Asia Road Show

The PBS partner EP-Asia organized a data archiving road show with events in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore in November this year. During these events, PBS Software and their French partner TJC from Marseille also gave lectures. The road show provided a wide variety of information about the topic Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to interested SAP customers. Both SAP data archiving and the subsequent seamless data access to archived data using the PBS archive add ons also played a decisive role. Moreover, the ILM experts came with many handy tips for efficient archiving projects, and showed how Asian SAP customers can facilitate their work using the PBS tools.

The ILM topic was also met with keen interest in Asia. A large number of participants came to the three events that were all organized by Hannes Steiner, General Manager at EP-Asia, and his team. The attendees could extensively inform themselves about the preparation and execution of SAP data archiving projects.

Hannes Steiner presented in detail the basics and objectives of a SAP data archiving. Then, Dr. Klaus Zimmer (PBS) demonstrated how you can fully utilize the advantages of early and extensive SAP data archiving using PBS software. The participants were especially interested in the PBS navigation possibilities. Users can display and evaluate archive and database data of the SAP document flow in the standard screens using PBS.

To round off the topic, Thierry Julien from TJC presented the automation of SAP data archiving using the TJC software ASC (Archive Session Cockpit). This software provides extensive possibilities for a periodic and largely automated control of SAP data archiving. The generation of respective PBS index information can also be integrated in the automation process.

After the lectures many attendees took the opportunity to clarify detailed questions in one-on-one interviews with the ILM experts.