Innovations in the PBS Enterprise Content Store

After the summer break we continue the news series that started in June after our last Information Day with the latest development news. Today's topic is the innovations in Enterprise Content Store.

With the PBS ECS you can continue to access structured and unstructured SAP data even after a system has been decommissioned. The client/server-based solution enables you to evaluate SAP DART extracts, PBS Data Export Interface extracts, SAP print lists, as well as original documents linked to SAP without an SAP system. The links between the tax-relevant records and original documents also continue to exist outside the SAP system. The solution has meanwhile been improved by the following developments:

1. Data extraction in Excel Pivot tables

You can now export the result of the selection to a table or data view to an Excel Pivot table. Up to now, a simple export to Excel has only been possible. Excel Pivot tables provide much more options to display and process data.

2. Definition of calculation formulas

It is now possible to define calculation formulas in selections to tables or views to calculate new field values based on values from specific fields.

3. Value lists for selections

You can now define different values or value intervals during selections to tables or views, similar as in the SAP system.

4. Improved usability by context menus

The user interface was added by many context-dependent popup menus for an easier application.


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Verfügbar Independent

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