Many PBS archive add ons already NAI-enabled

Greater performance thanks to column-based technology

The column-based database technology of SAP/Sybase IQ found its way into PBS development long ago through the SAP nearline storage interface. Originally developed for the PBS nearline storage solution CBW NLS IQ for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and already successfully in operation, this technology is now also used by a large number of PBS customers in their operative SAP systems. Due to high compression rates, it provides high performance access, particularly in datasets with a high volume. It can also index extremely large datasets much more efficiently compared to traditional databases.

We have developed the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI), which provides many advantages, for use in operative SAP systems. Performance can be increased significantly when combined with the PBS archive add ons, which provide seamless access to database and archive data after SAP archiving. For very large data volumes, for example, this dramatically reduces the runtimes for generating archive indexes. According to the latest case study of an American PBS customer using the NAI-enabled PBS archive add on CPCA, the runtimes were reduced from 13 days to just 1 hour.

As a result of the extremely positive feedback, the PBS development team is working intensively to integrate the new NAI technology in all PBS archive add ons. Many modules, such as CAB, CCO, CCOPA, CCU, CFI, CPCA, CMM, CSD, CUSTOM, CWM, CISU and CFICA are already NAI-enabled as well as the PBS tool SE16_PERSONAL for the controlled, user-defined use of the corresponding SAP SE16 transaction. For an overview of all PBS NAI functionalities, see the NAI White Paper.


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
Nearline Analytic Infrastructure Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent


S/4HANA 1610
Nearline Analytic Infrastructure In Entwicklung Independent

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