New Features in SE16/SA38_PERSONAL

Preparation for new cross date maintenance in the SAP role maintenance.

New maintenance of authorization periods using the transaction /PBS/AUTH_PER.

Table administration to access NAI non-SAP tables.

Saving table variant to access NAI non-SAP tables.

The PBS tool for performing personalized data analyses using the familiar SAP transactions SE16 and SA38 has been enhanced and now provides new functions:

Easier-to-use role maintenance

An important advantage is the integration of authorization objects with time reference (CPU date, posting month, etc.). The administrator is now able to customize comprehensively for all authorized users via the central table maintenance transaction /PBS/AUTH_PER date values that are subject to constant change such as the fiscal year. The time-consuming role-based change is thus avoided.

Evaluation of non-SAP tables possible

When using the column-based Sybase IQ database and the SE16/SA38_PERSONAL solution it is also possible to evaluate tables that do not have a direct SAP reference, such as external data from upstream systems. For this, the administrator first needs to create a special table variant in advance, and assign it to the respective users. In this way it is possible to integrate in a simple manner external data into daily processes with the usual SAP authorization mechanisms.   

Rollout on, for example, SAP HANA, CRM, GTS, Bank Analyzer

The SAP platform availability was extended with the current version of the PBS tool.

You can receive more detailed information in the respective manual and on request.


BW 7.0 BW 7.3 BW 7.4 BW 7.5
SE16/SA38_PERSONAL Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent
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IS 6.0
SE16/SA38_PERSONAL Verfügbar Independent


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
SE16/SA38_PERSONAL Verfügbar mit NAI Independent
Verfügbar Independent


S/4HANA 1610
SE16/SA38_PERSONAL Verfügbar Independent

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