New Function in SE16/SA38_PERSONAL

The PBS solution SE16/SA38_PERSONAL that has been enhanced by the authorization concept for the known SAP transactions SE16, SE16N and SA38 received a new function. It is now possible to provide also a system-cross remote access to database tables with additional authorization checks via the function module RFC_READ_TABLE.

The call of this function module is used, among other things, to evaluate table data in customer-specific reports. In the standard, a check is only performed for the SAP authorization object S_TABU_DIS as it is also the case, for example, in the SAP transactions SE16 or SE16N.

Using the PBS software, administrators can create so-called RFC_READ_TABLE variants and assign these variants to users or different user groups. The mentioned variant type offers the same variety of Customizing settings or authorization check such as for other SE16_PERSONAL table variants. Here as well it is possible to select by fields via a direct entry of values. You can also use the variable entry via an authorization object and its relevant authorization field.