New Functions in SE16_PERSONAL

We decided to develop further helpful functions after receiving positive feedback from our customers with regards to SE16_PERSONAL, an enhancement of the corresponding SAP transaction.

Due to the large number of transparent SAP tables and views we would like to enable you to access a broad table basis and support the customizing. The objective is the automatic generation of a so-called master variant for each relevant table. PBS has summarized standard tables that might be of interest for end users in SAP industry solutions in a template and integrated this into the product delivery. The administrator can use this template as a basis for a customer-specific table pool that can be changed and extended as required. Afterwards, a master variant is generated for each table. This master variant displays all table fields as a standard.

This functionality simplifies the administration work and represents a comfortable and effective option for creating rapidly table variants for end users during the productive operation.

The new functions with the two transactions /PBS/SE16_TPOOL_A and /PBS/SE16_TPOOL_G are available for use from Final Release 2. The transactions are included in the menu option "Configure master variants".

Now you can also access archive data. For this, the administrator can create so-called "snapshots" or "instantaneous shots" that can consist of database and/or archive data. The data volume of a snapshot depends on the assignment of the archiving runs if the processing of archive data is requested and the creation time, in particular, for the processing of database data.

You can then evaluate the data in the usual way in SE16_PERSONAL.


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
Database Export Interface Verfügbar Independent
Enterprise Content Store Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
  In development