New PBS Solution: Enterprise Content Store - SAP Data Availability without an SAP System

The explicit need of SAP customers for a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management concept for company data results in ever new developments both within and outside SAP.

The new SAP ILM solution comprises several components such as the Information Retention Manager for retention rules, the WebDAV Interface for the structured and audit-compliant storage of data, as well as the Retention Warehouse for auditing purposes. At the same time, the trend is moving towards an automation of the ILM processes.

PBS as a software partner adapts to the new SAP standards and is also working on the consistent further development of its own ILM product portfolio with lean, highly integrative tools. The new PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS) is a client/server-based solution that works without an SAP system. It is an enhancement of the PBS IDA that enables SAP DART files to be evaluated outside of the SAP system. The Enterprise Content Store is also able to do this and provides as additional features enhanced analyses of DART files and PBS extractors as well as a direct search and display of original documents and SAP print lists via a linked, external archive system. The original documents and print lists therefore do not have to be migrated, but instead remain in the audit-compliant archive system. The extract data processed by the ECS is available in a transparent ASCII format and can be transferred to external audit tools such as IDEA.

With the SAP-independent ECS it is even possible to create links between extracted SAP document data and original documents, meaning that the links from tax-relevant documents to the original documents are maintained, although an SAP system is no longer available.

This makes the use of the Enterprise Content Store when auditing as well as during system closings particularly attractive because even after an SAP system closing has taken place, the data from closed ERP systems can still continue to be used without the SAP systems being available. In addition, the ECS is also suitable as an extension when using optical or magnetic archives since it replaces the DART view creation functionality that is only possible with an SAP system. In this way, the Enterprise Content Store also provides small and medium enterprises an efficient and inexpensive tool for the further processing of SAP data extracts including the searching of original documents and print lists that can be used within the scope of a system closing. What particularly makes sense is the combined use of the ECS with the PBS Data Export Interface, SAP DART, and the PBS ContentLink interface for audit-compliant data storage.

PBS meanwhile has over 17 years' experience in the areas of archive data and data extract processing as well as in their user-friendly display and storage. This is also reflected by the PBS product portfolio that contains solutions such as PBS ContentLink, Data Export Interface, CDART, and IDA in addition to the PBS archive add ons. PBS has achieved a trend-setting enhancement with the Enterprise Content Store. ECS will be presented to you at the PBS Archiving Day on June 10, 2008.



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