OEM Agreement Between Sybase and PBS

PBS and Sybase have already been in successful cooperation for some time since they combined the Nearline Storage solution for SAP BI, CBW NLS developed by PBS with the data warehouse analytics server Sybase IQ. This enabled the column-based Sybase IQ analysis technology to be used for the first time in the SAP BI Nearline Storage environment. The joint product PBS CBW NLS IQ was launched. At the beginning of the year, this cooperation was officially sealed with a corresponding OEM agreement.

This presents considerable advantages. In particular customers with high data volumes and, at the same time, the greatest requirements concerning performance, scalability, and flexibility in the area of ad hoc queries benefit from the PBS CBW NLS IQ solution. This is included in the Sybase IQ license. Hardware costs can additionally be reduced thanks to the high degree of data compression in comparison to a rational database.

PBS CBW NLS IQ completely supports all current platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX. The installation is designed for 64 BIT Unicode. All archive data is thereby stored completely in Unicode format in a compressed form. This also means that a Unicode migration for the BI database is simplified in the event that conversion is to take place at a later point in time.

With PBS, a contact person is available to each customer for all components that are being used. PBS also advises regarding the amount of hardware to be installed and provides both maintenance and support services for the Nearline Storage solution.

You can find more information on Sybase IQ technology under: http://www.sybase.com/products/datawarehousing/sybaseiq


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CBW NLS IQ Verfügbar InfoCubes, DSO and PSA
Verfügbar InfoCubes, DSO and PSA
Verfügbar InfoCubes, DSO and PSA
Verfügbar InfoCubes, DSO and PSA
Verfügbar aDSO

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