PBS archive add on CPS: Transparent Project Controlling with SAP® Archive and Database

SAP projects generally contain complex data structures such as WBS elements, networks, orders and sales documents. Specific archiving objects are available for each of these data structures: the archiving object PS_PROJECT for project data and the archiving objects CO_ORDER, PM_ORDER, PP_ORDER and SD_VBAK for assigned orders. Archiving of the orders can only be performed using the archiving object for the corresponding order type. When doing this, the costs and revenues of the orders are summarized to WBS elements or network operations. Access to archived orders via projects is therefore not possible in the SAP standard system. However, business departments still want to be able to have detailed access to the order data after orders have been archived. This is enabled by the current enhancements to the PBS archive add on CPS.

Project Distortion Due to Archiving

A project structure can comprise one or more networks as well as different internal, service, and maintenance and/or production orders. After archiving has taken place, relationships within this structure can be lost. For example, costs and/or revenues belonging to an order that is marked for deletion are summarized to the assigned WBS element. This means that although they remain available in the Project Information system and in the period-end closing (for example, for results analysis or settlement), the reference to the order number is lost.

Project Reconstruction through Intelligent Indexing

You can use the PBS archive add on CPS to completely reconstruct the project structure in all its detail. The PBS archive add on CPS recreates the reference between summarized WBS elements for the archived networks and order numbers via its logical database /PBS/PSI. CPS determines not only operative data of the project system from database and PS_PROJECT archives, but also resident and archived data from internal, maintenance, and production orders and reconstructs these in the structure again. This means that even if archiving of the projects is not performed using PS_PROJECT, the use of the PBS archive add on CPS makes sense because the project reference to archived order data from CO_ORDER, PP_ORDER, PM_ORDER and SD_VBAK is recreated. It is possible to branch from the overview display of the project structure to the detail display of all structure elements, including to confirmations of network operations, to orders, and to sales documents.
The PBS logical database /PBS/PSI is identical in its structure and function to the corresponding logical database PSJ belonging to SAP. The PBS archive add on CPS can be used from SAP R/3 4.6.


ECC 6.0 ECC 6.17
CPS Verfügbar mit NAI PS_PROJECT
Verfügbar mit NAI PS_PROJECT


S/4HANA 1610
CPS Verfügbar mit NAI PS_PROJECT

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