PBS Bike Trip through Poland

Start of the bike trip through Poland

Lots of nature and mostly empty roads

Gdansk’s historic town hall

In Gdansk Old Town

A group of cycling enthusiasts made up of male PBS colleagues and also one female colleague, who otherwise also regularly take part in the AOK event “Bike to Work”, set off together on a one-week bike trip to Poland this year. The cyclists, accompanied and supported by their wives in some cases, first set off by car to Zirke, and from there cycled an impressive 650 kilometers right through Kashubia, the eastern part of the Pomeranian Lake District to Gdansk. The sportingly challenging tour mainly passed through a rural region with picturesque lakes. However, on the way the cyclists experienced rather more water from above due to the weather, but the PBS team braved the downpours that were sometimes quite heavy and continued their journey as planned. Accompanied by a Polish colleague, the group was able to ask for directions in Polish and in this way came into contact with the locals – contact that was certainly intensified further in the evenings when they would stop for something to eat and a bed for the night. In addition to nature and culinary delights, there was also plenty of culture once the team arrived in Gdansk. Together, the colleagues went to an organ concert in the famous Oliwa Cathedral, in which Europe’s second largest organ after Passau’s can be found, and also to the Gdansk Amber Museum before the journey continued by car back to the Bergstrasse. And it is well known that he who travels has much to tell, which meant that the colleagues who stayed behind were able to share some of the wonderful travel impressions too.