PBS ContentLink for NetApp Filer now certified by SAP for WebDAV 2.0

PBS ContentLink, the slim solution for connecting audit-compliant storage solutions to SAP systems, has been successfully certified by SAP for the new WebDAV 2.0 protocol. PBS ContentLink can therefore be used immediately for the new ILM for SAP components Retention Manager and Retention Warehouse. These require a WebDAV 2.0-compatible storage system. SAP WebDAV 1.1 certification is not sufficient for using the new ILM for SAP functionality.
During certification, the NetApp FAS270 storage solution with activated SnapLock functionality was used in addition to PBS ContentLink.
The combination of PBS ContentLink and NetApp Filer makes it possible to use the BC-ILM 2.0 WebDAV interface that was defined by SAP and to store the transferred data in an audit-compliant storage system.
In this way, for example, SAP archive data with a statutory retention period can be stored directly in the storage system without the need for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The storage system itself ensures that the data cannot be deleted within the defined retention period. In this way the direct audit-compliant retention of archive data, guaranteed by the storage system, is possible. The costs of implementing an ECM system do not apply.

 By additionally supporting the WebDAV 2.0 protocol specified by SAP, PBS ContentLink now supports two storage protocols in one product. The established ArchiveLink protocol was already certified by SAP three years ago when PBS ContentLink came onto the market and is used successfully by numerous customers. The simultaneous support of both storage protocols enables SAP customers to use all storage scenarios with the PBS interface. When doing this, all advantages of PBS ContentLink, such as high scalability, high availability, low administration etc., can continue to be leveraged from an economical point of view.

Many new implementation scenarios have resulted from the integration of the WebDAV 2.0 protocol for PBS ContentLink.


You can find out more information on the certification here.




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