PBS ContentLink harmonizes with StrongBox by Crossroads

PBS ContentLink, the lean storage interface which connects SAP applications with all current storage systems, harmonizes also perfectly with the storage solution StrongBox by the American supplier Crossroads. This was confirmed by extensive function and load tests which have been conducted this year in April upon request by a British PBS customer. It turned out that not only the integration with SAP applications works perfectly but also the caching of the StrongBox ensures very fast response times in combination with PBS ContentLink. These extremely satisfying results led to an additional new technology partnership.

Crossroads Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of data archiving solutions. By using innovative technology, Crossroads delivers customer-driven solutions that ensure proactive data security and advanced data archiving. This leads again to optimized system performance and significant cost savings. The company, headquartered in Austin Texas and with a subsidiary in Schwäbisch Gmünd for the European market, was founded in 1996. Crossroads holds more than 100 patents and has been honored with numerous industry awards for data archiving, storage and protection.