PBS ContentLink in the American SAP market

On the occasion of the PBS Archiving Day 2008 Dr. Werner Hopf, PBS partner and CEO of Dolphin Corporation in Philadelphia, USA gave an impressive insight into how PBS ContentLink stands in the American market.

According to Dr. Hopf, PBS ContentLink is rapidly gaining large market shares in different industries whereby production and retail have the largest shares, followed by telecommunications, administration, research, insurance, as well as the real-estate market and publishing. The size of the companies that are using PBS ContentLink varies from 500 million to 20 billion dollars of turnover per year. 33 per cent of the installations replace existing ArchiveLink software whereas 67 per cent are new installations. The data volume that is managed by PBS ContentLink ranges from between 50 gigabytes to more than two terabytes a month.

American customers choose PBS ContentLink because its usage reduces the overall operating costs through not saving persistent data on the PBS ContentLink server. Moreover, this server requires neither its own database nor a user interface. Further reasons are the good performance for very high data throughput on inexpensive hardware. According to Dr. Hopf's experience, PBS ContentLink did very well compared to other systems and also with respect to its fast implementation. Last but not least, its stability and reliability also play a role even in the case of very high data volumes. The exorbitant cost savings for hosting and administration are illustrated in the following table.

Werner Hopf presented two case studies to substantiate his statements. First, a large truck manufacturer using the SAP modules SD, MM and partly FI/CO to sell their spare parts via the internet at a peak load of 5000 internet users. This company expected to reduce its storage costs and to improve its system performance. Furthermore, they required data archiving of a large volume of application data with a short residence period and transparent access to archived information. This access needed to be possible for both internal users as well as for internet dealers. Further requirements were the archiving of orders and invoices in PDF format as well as a batch output of dealer invoices, for example for a day, week, or month.

The results could clearly be seen because the data volume was reduced by up to 50%, the average response time by 20% and this was achieved for 10 million archived PDF documents and more than 20,000 PBS ContentLink accesses a day.

The second case study described the usage of PBS ContentLink in a home shopping portal that is run in the USA, Great Britain, and Germany using SAP Supply Chain Management and the modules MM, FI, CO, and PCA. The success here was impressive too: A substantial reduction of costs for invoices, a leaner processing cycle, better financial management, and a shorter month end closing process. Furthermore, the low administration effort for archiving and the implementation costs that were reduced by 50 per cent compared to alternative solutions provided relief.

You can see the complete presentation in English here.

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