PBS ContentLink now also WebDAV-enabled with the storage system Centera

PBS ContentLink, the lean interface between SAP and storage systems, was already certified by SAP for its ILM-enabled WebDAV 2.0 protocol in addition to the mandatory ArchiveLink interface. This was done using the NetApp storage system FAS 270.

In the meantime, you can also use the future-oriented WebDAV protocol that is a prerequisite for using the new SAP ILM components Retention Management and Retention Warehouse with the PBS ContentLink under the storage system Centera by EMC.

The combined usage of PBS ContentLink and EMC Centera enables compliant data storage via the SAP defined WebDAV interface. In this way you can store directly SAP archive data with a legal retention period in the storage system - a cost-intensive document management system is not necessary. The storage system Centera itself ensures that the data cannot be deleted within the defined storage period. Since PBS ContentLink can handle both protocols, it supports every possible storage scenario.


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