PBS employees congratulate...

their boss on his 60th birthday

The PBS employees came up with a special idea for celebrating the 60th birthday of their boss and founder of PBS, Günther Reichling. The theme was decided upon very quickly, since the company was born under a "lucky star", as it were, more than 20 years ago. In the case of PBS Software, this is the archive star of the "Reichling Online Archive" that was invented by Günther Reichling and that is used to make archived SAP data visible once again. 

"Ein Stern, der Deinen Namen trägt" ("A star that bears your name") was also the title of the modified hit song that was performed by the PBS team. This was also realized in visual form with delicious gingerbread biscuits in the shape of archive stars, bearing the name "Günther". 

Of course there were also birthday presents. During the laudatory speech it was explained how the PBS employees had very nearly fetched a star from the sky for their boss, but because the asteroid "Gunter" (the original form of the name "Günther") that was discovered back in 1921 with its 5km circumference would not have fitted very well into the living room, the Heppenheim Observatory provided two photographs of it instead. In our region, "Gunter" will be able to be seen clearly in the night sky from March. There was also a thick photo album with the highlights from 20 years of PBS Software history.