PBS Enterprise Content Store 4 now as .NET Version

Transfer of SAP Data and query-based Analysis

The PBS Enterprise Content Store (ECS), a well-established tool for accessing extracted SAP data via PC, has been enhanced and now provides even more comfort and ease of handling for the user.

The ECS interface is now structured per selectable repository according to the usual SAP modules and in this way provides the user with a better overview and easier navigation. It contains various pre-defined views and the option to create your own user-specific views.

PBS ECS is suitable for the central management of periodic DART extracts and the storage or transfer of SAP data within the scope of system decommissioning and company sales. The content extractor that is integrated in ECS also enables an object-related data extraction in accordance with SAP archiving objects. Only the company data, however, is extracted and not the underlying business logic.

The authorization concept enables the granting of authorizations both on a functional as well as a data basis. In addition, users can start retrievals for documents and print lists via the proven SAP ArchiveLink interface without an SAP system.

By changing the platform, PBS is focusing on the trendsetting .net technology. PBS customers who already use ECS are given support during the upgrade. With this in mind, PBS is looking for a pilot customer for the new .net version who has the possibility to incorporate their own requirements. If you consider this tool would be useful for your company, please contact us.