PBS improves customer support with a new hotline form

PBS facilitates and expedites customer inquiries with a new user-friendly form for hotline requests. PBS customers with a maintenance contract can specify the necessary information that is required for processing using checkboxes and selection fields. Even general text fields only have to be filled out completely by customers the first time since the form retains the data and proposes it the next time. This means, for example, that the name or the customer number only have to be selected. After having filled out the form, it is attached to an email that is already addressed to the PBS hotline and that can belong to any program (Outlook, Lotus, etc.) by selecting the button "Send via Email to PBS".

Both parties can benefit from this simplified problem message. The customer is able to enter an inquiry quickly, easily, and completely, and the PBS hotline can load the text content of this form into their database. Thus, the procedure for processing the inquiry is simplified for PBS, and it results in an even faster reply.

Hotline Form