PBS on Tour: EP-Asia Speed Seminar in Asia Pacific

As in previous years, PBS partner EP-Asia Group organized an “SAP speed seminar “in April in Asia and Australia. Dr. Klaus Zimmer of PBS Software participated together with further EP-Asia partner companies at seminar events in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney. The experts informed the participants about the advantages and cost savings using PBS software in their SAP environments.

A lot of seminar attendees showed increased interest in the PBS add-on solutions regarding SAP ILM, nearline storage and "classical" SAP data archiving. At the meeting in Bangkok, hosted in cooperation with HP, more than 60 participants could be welcomed.

Many attendees used the opportunity for face-to-face discussions on the various PBS solutions and grabbed details for benefitting from PBS solutions in SAP ERP as well as SAP BW from first hand.