PBS Support for PSA Archiving – Now Available for Both SAP NetWeaver BI 7.x and SAP BI 3.x

After being updated in DSO tables and InfoCubes as part of the SAP BI data retention concept, PSA tables are typically deleted rather than archived. But many SAP BI users want to keep their PSA data even after the update for various reasons. Therefore, for some time PBS has provided archiving of PSA data for SAP BI 3.5 to avoid putting any unnecessary load on SAP BI databases. The PSA data is saved in sequential files in a file or storage system using SAP ADK technology.

The ADK-based functionality is now also available for SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0. PSA data can now also be archived directly in the analytics server Sybase IQ in release 3.5, as well as release 7.0 and later. For this, the PBS nearline interface functionality developed for archiving InfoCubes and DSO tables is used. The PBS nearline interface from release 7.0 was ported to SAP BI 3.5 for this specific purpose.

Users can choose between "traditional" PSA archiving using ADK files and direct archiving in the nearline system Sybase IQ supported by PBS. Independently of the archiving procedure, the archived PSA data can be reloaded into the SAP BI database or updated in new InfoProviders directly from archive files or the nearline system without the reload process.

The request-based user interface of the PBS PSA archive administration system is similar to the user interface for administrating SAP data archiving processes (DAP) for InfoCubes and DSO tables.

The new functionality enables consistent conversion of an ADK- or nearline-based archiving concept for PSA data. The PSA data is archived in a heavily compressed manner in both cases. This results in considerable disk space savings and reduces operating costs. All data is available for direct updating or reloading.

PSA archiving rounds out PBS's comprehensive functionality for InfoCubes and DSO tables. Based on maintenance agreements, these innovations are available to customers who use the PBS products archive add on CBW IQ (3.5) and CBW NLS IQ (from 7.0). For PBS archive add on CBW and PBS CBW NLS, only ADK-based PSA archiving is provided.