PBS Table Analysis for SAP Archive Data

Many companies initially start archiving SAP data using the SAP table analysis TAANA. The SAP tool can provide valuable hints about the structures of the dataset when for example analyses regarding organizational units and time periods are performed. The results of these analyses are normally used as basis for the ideal scheduling of write processes of the SAP data archiving or generally for the analysis and verification of business processes.

However, this approach is not sufficient. For business issues which affect the complete dataset, the integration of already archived data is essential.

The reasons for an extensive data screening can be very varied:

  • The costs of the data storage need to be broken down per organizational unit.
  • The volume of migration objects (SAP ILM, chart of accounts conversion, mergers, company splittings) need to be quantified before starting the project.
  • A specific search for individual data records based on business limitations of the analysis table is required.

For all such issues PBS provides the functionality /PBS/TAANA as of now. The data from the corresponding archiving objects is analyzed in addition to the database data. The functionality of the PBS counterpart PBS/TAANA corresponds to the SAP standard. The transaction /PBS/TAANA will be provided as a PBS basis utility to all existing customers and is delivered with the next customer patch. An advance delivery can be requested via the PBS Helpdesk.

In this context, we offer also the program PBS/TAAN_PROCESS_MULTIPLE, which enables the evaluation of several archived tables in an analysis run.