Powerful Team: PBS ContentLink together with EMC Celerra

A powerful, efficient, and at the same time inexpensive team for storing SAP data is now formed by the lean PBS middleware ContentLink and EMC Celerra Unified Storage. Maximum flexibility is ensured by the multiprotocol ability, integrated NAS, MPFS, iSCSI and FC connectivity, and the combination of FC/SAS, SATA and flash drives. Moreover, the storage system can be integrated easily in SAP environments and is already available at a comparatively low cost as a starter model in the low terabyte section.

The SAP archive data is stored directly in the storage system via the SAP ArchiveLink interface. The data can be provided with retention periods using PBS ContentLink. The storage system Celerra ensures that the data is not deleted or changed within the legal retention period.

PBS ContentLink does not need a separate database. Furthermore, it is highly scalable as well as highly available with only minimal maintenance. The low amount of administrative work is carried out directly in the SAP system.

The combined usage of these two efficient "lightweights" clearly enables savings in purchasing, operation and management. In addition, it offers modern connection options and supports you when applying ILM concepts.


SAP Basis

SAP-Basis 4.5 SAP-Basis 4.6B SAP-Basis 4.6C SAP-Basis 6.20-7.40
PBS ContentLink Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent
Verfügbar Independent

  Available (with NAI Functionality)
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