Radeberger's Case Study at CBW Workshop

The 2nd PBS Information Day that focuses solely on the SAP Business Warehouse is becoming more and more popular. Whereas in the first few years, the number of interested experts in attendance in comparison with day 1, traditionally called the Archiving Day, was considerably lower, now roughly the same number of people are attending.

The use of column-based technology has been a reality in the SAP BW environment for much longer than it has in the SAP ERP area. PBS has been developing products in the SAP BW archiving and nearline area for over six years and offers a wide variety of different solutions. In addition to pure ADK solutions that do not require a separate database, these also include the PBS Nearline Solution under the column-based Sybase IQ Analytics Server. For the first time ever, a customer held a presentation on this and spoke about his positive experiences.

Project results

Sebastian Smolkiewicz from Radeberger Gruppe KG held what can be considered a rather refreshing presentation in the truest sense of the word and thus loosened up the BW expert topic of "Nearline Storage" somewhat. The good mood he was in can undoubtedly be traced back to how well the project has been developing and the positive results. He concluded that the use of the PBS Nearline Storage Solution in conjunction with Sybase IQ offers Radeberger immense potential for savings with respect to hard disc space and therefore costs too, of course. This means the investment in the PBS solution can be recovered rather quickly. Despite the archiving, the response times are still faster than with the conventional BW database. The BW database server is relieved to a large degree by sharing the load between the BW and the nearline database. Thanks to the fact that there are no more BW database aggregates, this has definitely reduced the level of administrative effort.  The new PBS snapshot technology also made it possible to avoid the limitations caused by the time frame-based archiving.

Many of the people in the audience couldn't believe what they had just heard and were visibly impressed by the optimization potential that the column-based PBS Nearline Solution CBW NLS IQ offers.

External references

In addition, other external experts on SAP BW and nearline also held presentations. As in past years, Dr. Peter Zimmerer from SAP AG also took part in the event, this time together with his colleague Rainer Schlachter, to report on the latest expansions to the SAP BW Nearline Storage Interface that forms the basis for PBS solutions. Dr. Michael Hahne, who now works as an independent consultant, spoke on the chances and challenges related to nearline storage in general, while Matthias Stemmler from Sybase GmbH explicitly explained the advantages that Sybase IQ offers, especially in SAP applications. Dr. Werner Hopf from Dolphin concluded the event on the 2nd PBS Info Day by reporting on the use of PBS Nearline Storage together with Sybase IQ in an international project.

PBS development

As on day 1 of the PBS Info Days, PBS employees paved the way for the presentations of external speakers. For instance, Prof. Dr. Steinbinder gave an overview of the PBS portfolio in the area of SAP BW immediately after our Managing Director G√ľnther Reichling greeted our guests. Then, two PBS software architects who have been instrumental in developing CBW, Dr. Christoph Bedau and Stefan Weickum, reported solely on the new and further developments to the PBS Nearline Solution under Sybase IQ.

All of the presentations met with positive feedback.