The Innovation in the SAP ERP Environment: PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure

Now is the time to make use of new potential for savings in conjunction with SAP ERP systems

PBS Software Announces PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure for Use with SAP® ERP

Reduces the need for storage space, shortens access times, reduces costs

PHOENIX, Ariz., Oct. 13, 2009 - PBS Software, a leading provider of complementary software for SAP solutions in the areas of data archiving, extraction and storage, today introduced the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI) for use with the SAP® ERP application. The new solution makes column-based database technology accessible for users of SAP ERP. As a result, PBS NAI offers high potential for savings, especially where extremely large, integrated global systems are in operation.

"In comparison with conventional relational databases, column-based storage technologies provide data compression that exceeds 90 percent and enable much shorter access times for database queries involving mass data," explained Prof. Detlev Steinbinder, a member of management at PBS Software. "Thanks to its nearline solutions for use with the SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) component, PBS has been able to gain profound know-how on the use of column-based database technologies. PBS NAI, a concept that offers entirely new possibilities when it comes to processing large volumes of data, was developed on this basis."

PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (PBS NAI)

In its initial stage of introduction, PBS NAI features an interface for linking the familiar column-based analytics server, Sybase IQ. Now, basically any type of data can be transferred from an ERP database or an ERP data archive to the analytics server and then be used to perform fast analysis in the ERP system immediately. PBS NAI includes an expanded archiving information system in support of SAP solutions that allows for indexing and research on any number of ERP archives inside the analytics server. Storing the indexes inside the analytics server effectively relieves the ERP database, due to the fact that the demand for hard-disk space inside the analytics server is only approximately 10 percent the size of the database. The indexing logic becomes much more simple thanks to the column-based approach. Customers who use the SAP archive information system are able to use PBS NAI. Migration tools for transferring existing archived information structures from the SAP database are also included. End-user data access from SAP applications is completely transparent with respect to the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure. This means the Sybase IQ server is read automatically each time standard SAP access to an SAP archive infrastructure takes place. The new functionality is performed completely in the background, thus eliminating the need for additional training.

Integration with SAP NetWeaver BW

Yet another advantage results from the simultaneous use of the Sybase IQ analytics server for the two solutions PBS NAI and PBS CBW NLS IQ, the PBS nearline storage solution for use with SAP NetWeaver BW. Efficiency is increased even more by allowing for one central authority in the analytics server to be used by multiple systems running SAP NetWeaver BW or SAP ERP. In addition, intentionally reducing the size of the databases used in the productive systems has a multiplicative effect on all of the mirror systems. The central instance of the analytics server can also be accessed from here.

Today's announcement was made at SAP TechEd 2009 Phoenix, SAP's largest ecosystem education event of the year being held this week, where PBS Software is exhibiting on booth 507.