Trade Association Bensheim at PBS Software

“How can you found a software company and hold your ground as a self-employed businessman for over 21 years in the SAP environment?” This was the motto of the business get-together at PBS Software GmbH initiated by Andreas Jäger, executive director of the Trade Association Bensheim. Günther Reichling, founder and managing director, gladly provided information to the numerous guests that attended. By no means did he suddenly wake up one morning with a terrific business idea. It was more a case of him as a newcomer to SAP, closely analyzing his working environment for a number of years whilst working in the area of Financial Accounting and asking himself, “What more functionality does the SAP customer need? Where are the pain points?” Customers knew to value this orientation. Finally, one of these customers asked Günther Reichling whether he personally would be able to make data that had been stored outside of the database available again in the system. Back then, this was unconceivable, but he finally found a solution and in this way laid the foundation for his extremely successful family enterprise, where up until today they have never run out of ideas because the business is still oriented around the needs of its customers. Among these customers are many renowned top-enterprises that produce enormous volumes of data, which is why ‘Big Data’ is a hot topic today. PBS Software helps these enterprises to store their SAP data and to access it at any time. This is no easy undertaking in the case of data volumes in the multi-terabyte range. Totally new technology is required in order to be able to analyze extremely fast these enormous data volumes. Such technology is also provided by SAP, for example, with its HANA in-memory database.

Following Günther Reichling’s presentation, his partner and associate of many years, Prof. Dr. Detlev Steinbinder, was able to demonstrate that PBS is also able to cope with such requirements. He showed how modern and forward-looking the newest PBS product ‘Nearline Analytic Infrastructure’ is, which is why it was awarded the IT Innovation Prize by Initiative Mittelstand and included in their “Top List”. Access to 16 million data records takes only slightly longer with PBS Software than with SAP HANA. This shows that compared to large SAP partners, PBS as a smaller company is extremely innovative and is able to keep pace with modern developments. According to Günther Reichling in his presentation, “Innovative ideas often originate from small companies”. PBS has actually been using pioneering, innovative column-based database technology in the SAP environment for many years.

Klara Reichling, who has supported her husband right from the start, also spoke vividly to the interested members of the Trade Association about the beginnings of the company after it was founded. Today there are more than 40 employees, of which the majority are software developers, looking after 1400 customers worldwide.

Klara Reichling insisted on personally making every effort to cater to the needs of her guests. As a result, the otherwise plain-looking foyer was filled with candlelight and beautiful flower arrangements. Delicious food and drink added to the pleasant atmosphere for networking and meeting one another. The guests were visibly impressed and enjoyed the successful business get-together.