Nearline Storage in the SAP Archiving Standard

As a long-time SAP software solution partner, PBS supplements the SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management with solutions that optimize the SAP system operation and reduce the operating costs at the same time. PBS is considered mastermind for the usage of column-based databases in the SAP environment due to continuous innovations in developing Nearline Storage Solutions based on the analytics server Sybase IQ. In the meantime, the analytics server Sybase IQ is a component of the SAP portfolio.

In addition, SAP customers using standard archiving via the archive information system SAP AS (and having no PBS archive add ons) in their operative systems such as ERP can enhance the SAP Archive Information System to a Nearline Storage Solution using the PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure, NAI-AS. The handling of the system does not change for the SAP users. All benefits of column-based technology open up, such as highly compressed data storage and an accelerated access to indices. More advantages of the NAI-AS solution are among others wider index structures, a clearly faster data archiving, highly accelerated access to line items and substantial cost savings in the data storage.

Furthermore, PBS NAI-AS contains a special template for the financial accounting that can be used to move secondary index tables into the IQ database. This reduces the memory space by about 80 percent.

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