Validating and Correcting SAP Archive Data

SAP ADK, a SAP NetWeaver service, provides SAP customers with all the tools they need for archiving application data. Data that is located in the database can only be archived using archiving objects that describe the structure and composition of the data. Depending on the business model, application data is written, verified, stored, and deleted in classic industry systems using up to 350 archiving objects. The archiving process becomes more complex if the archiving objects depend on each other, and depending on the frequency of archiving processes. This can have the undesired result of multiple archiving of application data. Reasons for this may be parallelized write processes with accrual parameters, or because deletion runs are not scheduled.

Too Few Validation Options in the SAP Standard System

Multiple archiving of application data can be difficult to detect using SAP standard tools, and if at all, can only be corrected with complex projects. 

Business data that is distributed several times to archive files has a negative influence on subsequent processes. Data analyses in classic application reporting, the SAP archive information system, or even in BW queries, return incorrect analysis results and may lead to incorrect management decisions. This latent risk is frequently underestimated, even though it affects all customers who archive SAP data. Here are a few examples:

Application Reporting
Archive Information System
ETL Process
Initial Screen: Archive Analysis
Numerical Display for each Archive File
Document View: Duplicates

No Change to the SAP Process Data

With the new PBS solution, Archive Data Review, inconsistencies in archived business data can be traced and corrected. The data of the individual archiving objects is initially validated in an analysis run and checked for multiple archiving. The result analysis is performed online and provides a detailed view at document level in addition to a numerical display for each archive file.

The archive datasets are corrected without implementing archive files and this depends on whether a dataset is included either in part or fully in different archiving runs. All changes made are noted in the administrative application tables of the SAP ADK infrastructure and affect all standard application scenarios with access to archived data. If necessary, you can undo the changes that were made at any time.

The PBS Archive Data Review utility is available for current releases and can also be used in SAP IS solutions.