Many customers have been using PBS ContentLink as a lean communication solution to store structured and unstructured SAP data on modern and compliant storage systems for several years. ADK data archives are structured SAP data, whereas incoming and outgoing documents, print lists and DART datasets are unstructured data. Both SAP protocols, ArchiveLink and ILM WebDAV, are supported. Products of leading manufacturers such as EMC, Hitachi, IBM, and NetApp can be used as storage solutions.

The collaboration platform Microsoft SharePoint is increasingly used in many companies to process documents from MS Office, MS Exchange, and other systems in an integrated way. Direct processing of documents that were generated in an SAP application has not been possible up to now. PBS ContentLink for MS SharePoint, a new PBS development, now enables users to integrate SAP documents directly in the MS SharePoint environment. The figure below illustrates this integration:

You can use PBS ContentLink for MS SharePoint to store and process (incoming and outgoing) documents such as invoices, purchase orders, etc. that were created in an SAP application directly in a connected MS SharePoint system. The documents are still available to SAP users via the SAP system for information purposes, but the documents can also be processed via the MS SharePoint portal. In addition to purely displaying them, SAP documents can also be indexed and retrieved using SharePoint tools. The documents can therefore be integrated in the collaboration platform, enabling new and more efficient business scenarios.

Mass data that has to be archived in a compliant way with SAP data archiving can be archived directly on a suitable storage platform at the same time. This mass data is then available for evaluation purposes in the SAP system.

With PBS ContentLink for MS SharePoint, you have a standard solution for integrating SAP documents into the SharePoint environment. Please contact us for more information.