PBS Software GmbH is currently the only company to date to offer a column-oriented nearline storage solution for SAP ERP. The PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure, which is especially suitable for very large volumes of data, is already being used successfully by some SAP customers, including a globally renowned provider of finished products from the foodstuffs sector, as Dr. Werner Hopf from the consultancy firm Dolphin in USA reported at this year's Information Days.

As at previous Information Days, project experience speaks for itself: very fast installation and the maintenance effort for the NAI solution is extremely low. The indexing time is shortened considerably. In turn, optimized indexing ensures significantly shorter access times to archived data.

With little resource effort, PBS NAI resolves storage space and access bottlenecks and ensures extremely fast retrievals and queries. Views are generated just as quickly during data extraction.

PBS customers who are already using archive add ons can optimize them with NAI. An impressive example of simplifying and accelerating the SAP profitability analysis was provided by Dr. Gerd Lautenschläger

They were developed first of all: the PBS nearline solutions for SAP NetWeaver BW have been part of the PBS portfolio for quite some time. They use the NLS interface in SAP BW. The column-oriented database Sybase IQ is not necessary for all of these solutions, there is also a pure ADK version that stores the archived data in sequential files. Depending on customer requirements, in this case with large DSO objects, few queries and PSA tables, this solution can be quite sufficient, thereby keeping licensing costs lower. However, in general, all PBS NLS solutions significantly reduce operating costs and quickly pay for themselves. The presentation by Dr. Christoph Bedau and Dr. Jörg Löw during the recent Information Days compared both versions.