New PBS Enterprise Content Store

What should you do if a tax audit is scheduled, or perhaps after a corporate sale, when SAP systems are no longer required, but their data is?

PBS Enterprise Content Store is already a proven software solution for accessing data that has been extracted from SAP systems. It is suitable for managing periodically generated DART extracts as well as for storing or transferring data. In addition to central data management, application scenarios include, for example, tax audits or system decommissioning such as when a corporation is sold.

PBS Enterprise Content Store enables object-related data extraction according to the SAP archiving objects. However, simply the company data is extracted, not the underlying business logic.

New Interface – better Usability

The new user interface was structured per selectable repository according to the well-established SAP modules and provides users even better usability. It includes numerous predefined views as well as the possibility to create separate user-specific views.
The role concept of the PBS Enterprise Content Store allows both a function-based assignment of authorizations as well as a restriction at data level. The roles Auditor, FI User and Administrator are delivered as standard.
Furthermore, PBS Enterprise Content Store also provides users with an easy-to-use search for documents and print lists via the proven SAP ArchiveLink interface.

PBS is focusing on Microsoft's future proof .Net technology with its change of platform. PBS customers that are already using the PBS Enterprise Content Store will be given support during an upgrade.

You will be able to find more information soon in a new PBS Enterprise Content Store White Paper.