In-Memory Computing Conference

Prof. Dr. Steinbinder at the IMC Conference.

Big data in SAP environments was also a theme at the In-Memory Computing Conference, which the B4B publishing company held with SAP at the start of June in Düsseldorf, Germany.

When the presentation by Professor Dr. Detlev Steinbinder started punctually at 3.30 pm, a number of presentations on the subject of in-memory had already been held, but as he noted, the topics of "Nearline" and "Information Lifecycle Management" had not yet been discussed. No wonder, because the costs of a HANA implementation are a thorny topic and are often pushed to one side in the initial euphoria surrounding the technology. Steinbinder's provocative question was therefore also: "Does all data really need to be in the main memory?" He argued that while this would certainly be desirable from a technological point of view, it must be acceptable to think about alternative concepts for economic reasons.

PBS Nearline Storage and SAP HANA for Big Data

There are already solution concepts here, which Steinbinder explained using customer examples. Ultimately, a simple rule of three can be used to calculate how much money can be saved if a) the volume of data is reduced through archiving and b) further data growth is prevented. Seven years ago, SAP itself developed a corresponding nearline concept and in Business Warehouse designed an interface especially for this, on which PBS nearline solutions are also docked. For 6 years, the analytics server Sybase IQ, which is now part of the SAP portfolio, ensures very high compression of the archived data and very fast access to it in PBS solutions.

All companies want to save money, regardless of whether they are highly profitable or are forced to struggle with extremely small profit margins, such as in the retail sector. As a result, people flocked afterwards to the PBS stand. It was clear that with the controversial topic of costs and his pragmatic approach, Steinbinder had said what was on the minds of many who had previously heard a lot about "future visions".

The online presentation "Nearline Storage with Big Data Combined with SAP HANA", which you can also download as a PDF, explains how you can ready yourself for new technology with tried and tested resources. A white paper containing examples for cost analyses for SAP BW solutions is available  here.

More on the subject can also be found in our current article in SAPinsider:"Is Your Data a Risk or an Asset?